FALCON 130 Wind Station display

FALCON 130 Wind Station display
  • FALCON 130 Wind Station display

    The FALCON-1000 combined with the S-130 solid state wind sensor is a complete wind station. The S-130 solid state wind senor gives you a perfect indication of wind speed, direction, outside temperature, air pressure and angle correction. It even indicates true wind without the use of a GPS. Due to its design and the absence of moving parts, it guarantees the quality you can expect of Radio Zeeland DMP products. The NMEA output can be connected directly to a FALCON-1000 display, or it can be connected up to a MultiHUB for information distribution.

    Scope of supply:

    • FALCON-1000 multi functional display
    • S-130 solid state wind sensor
    • Mounting set
    • Connection set
    • Manual
    Interested in the product details?Download product specification ›

      Technical specifications:

      • Power supply 10-14 VDC
      • Power consumption less than 500mA
      • Built-in power supply alarm
      • The S-130 wind sensor provides the following signals:
      • Relative wind direction
      • Relative wind speed
      • True wind direction
      • True wind speed
      • Outside temperature
      • Air pressure
      • Groundspeed

      The Falcon 130 is displayed with the Falcon 1000 display unit. The Falcon 130 consists of one Falcon 1000 and one S-130 solid state windsensor.

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