FALCON 700 Intercom main station

FALCON 700 Intercom main station
  • FALCON 700 Intercom main station

    The FALCON-700 is an intercom main station. Digital audio processing guaranties perfect sound quality. Unique is the possibility to have full duplex communication. The main station
    offers possibility to connect up to 98 (sub)stations. The FALCON-700 offers built-in speaker and microphone. Audio controls are presented by means of potmeters for volume speak and listen. The usual connections for an external microphone and footswitch are supplemented with All Call, MoB (Man over Board), PTT, Accept, Attention Signal and General Alarm.

    Scope of supply:

    • FALCON-700 intercom main station
    • Mounting set
    • Connection kit
    • Manual
    Interested in the product details?Download product specification ›

      Technical specifications:

      • Power supply 18-36 VDC
      • Power consumption less than 1A
      • Built-in power supply alarm
      • External speaker and microfoon connections
      • Standard setup for 10 channels with call functionality
      • High output power
      • A network contains 1 or more main stations and 1 or more substations. A call can be done between a main station and a substation or between 2 mainstations. There is no call possible between substations
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