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We proudly present you our new colleague Harm Kooiker. Harm will be working in the after sales department as Field Engineer. We would like to introduce Harm to you with the following short interview.

Harm Kooiker

Why did you choose Radio Zeeland DMP?

Radio Zeeland gives a professional creative touch to Marine Electronics. These works always had my interest. It is nice to work in an environment where you can find new exciting ways to use electronics and  admire the final result.


During many years of experience in a Marine environment I have seen numerous Navigation bridges, many showing a mix of various brands and colours gathered in one panel. The Radio Zeeland product creates a uniform look while reducing the clutter at the helm.


Which expertise and experience do you bring with you?

I have been working in Marine Electronics for more than 20 years, both on Commercial Ships and Superyachts. Most of my experience is overseas, specifically in the Middle East. Over the years a broad, hand-on knowledge, was developed of all Navigation, Communication and Automation equipment on the Navigation Bridge of larger vessels and yachts.


What is your ambition?

For the next few years I hope to be part of new electronic developments in the marine environment like electric propulsion, artificial intelligence and autonomous sailing. Developments in electronics never stops and we are only at the beginning of a real exciting era dominated by electronics.


If you are not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I used to water-ski a lot,  hope to pick it up again soon and take my first jump from a ramp one day. Understand that the fins should be removed before trying such an attempt 😉.




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