Radio Zeeland DMP and Argonics argoTrackPilot

Radio Zeeland DMP and Argonics argoTrackPilot

12 november 2020Time to read: 1 minute

Combining a new Radio Zeeland DMP autopilot with the Argonics Track pilot is a good idea. With already many installations performed, the overall experience is excellent.

Argonics Track pilot

Given the success of the combination of Radio Zeeland DMP and Argonics for new installations, also owners of existing Radio Zeeland DMP autopilots are enquiring about the possibilities.

In general, the Argonics system can be connected to almost any Radio Zeeland DMP pilot with the “P-503 MKII” junctionbox. This junctionbox has been combined with the Sigma-Line and the Falcon I-line in the past, and the current Falcon II and the Titan-line.

With the flexible Radio Zeeland DMP equipment, there are a lot of different configurations possible. To ensure full functionality please contact your Radio Holland partner and ask for more information or a free review of the upgrade possibilities.

Radio Zeeland DMP


Contact Radio Holland or a Radio Holland Partner for more information or a quote: or tel: +31 10 4283371

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