Setting standards - Vibration Test IEC-60945

Setting standards - Vibration Test IEC-60945

8 december 2020Time to read: 1 minute

For a custom wheelhouse solution we take great care in achieving a sensible back-up level and redundancy. Besides a robust system architecture, the hardware itself must also be sturdy and reliable. For standard “Of-The-Shelf” equipment this is usually demonstrated by a series of approvals. For custom solutions it is virtually impossible to have every piece of equipment tested to all relevant standards.  Besides the investment it would take; it is a lengthy process that simply would not fit into any of the NB schedules. Radio Zeeland has resolved this challenge by combining every piece of equipment that could possibly be integrated in a custom panel; and having this tested per IEC-60945. This standard is mandatory for all wheelhouse equipment, and covers a range of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibilty), environmental (temperature, humidity and vibration) and safety tests. Make sure to find a partner that is able to demonstrate this quality standard. By the way.... We passed the test. 


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