MTS Regentes; Style meets Tech in Inland Shipping

Drobea Turnu Severin


The owners of this vessel are recognized for their extraordinary taste and preference for special solutions.

The wheelhouse truly reflects that this is an extension of their living room. The color theme is burgundy, from the deck to the leather, to the metallic finish of the wheelhouse console.

The display console is combined with two slender control consoles; that appear to be floating due to the chrome pedestal. The chrome returns in the ceiling framing of the overhead elements.

The symmetrical display console contains 5 displays for observation camera’s, which are retracted when not in use. The five 19” displays are for the RHRS 2014 river-radar, the ECDIS and two additional camera feeds.

Radio Zeeland DMP scope is the Falcon line, in which 8 Falcon 1000’s provide a flexible platform to display the primary navigation information for rate-of-turn, rudder angle and depth, complemented with wind information, the SYGO loading system and intercom system.

Pictures by Hans Heiligers

Introduced in 2009; the Falcon line was the first inland shipping navigation solution based on network topology. Sensors can be connected directly or over IP network, offering flexibility and installation benefits never seen before.

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