MS Lutin; bringing the glass wheelhouse to Inland Shipping

Hans Boost, Trier / Veth Papendrecht


The owners of the vessel wanted to have a bridge solution that combines reliable navigation equipment of Radio Zeeland with a custom appearance. Radio Zeeland DMP’s glass yachting panels gave inspiration for this unique bridge solution.

Project deliverables were two control panels in glass and one unique curved glass display panel. An appealing free standing display panel, with eight 19” TFT displays and four 7” TFT displays. Two ergonomically designed control panels. This configuration gives full control of the vessel.

The overhead panel includes three Sailor RT-2048 VHF radio’s with a custom Falcon style cover to match the integrated design. The Radio Zeeland DMP autopilot is enhanced with the path-pilot functionality. With the unique ergonomic lever, a curve can be projected in the ECDIS application, which will be followed by the ship. This technology is the first step towards autonomous sailing.

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