Inland Shipping Vision 2025

The traditional inland shipping wheelhouse in Europe is a collection of more and more equipment from various makes. It is challenging to achieve a well balanced wheelhouse that is ergonomically designed, pleasing to the eye and fits in the available space.

With our experience in yachting, we have enough knowledge available to present a solution to combine the various equipment disciplines into a pleasing and easy to operate console.

We have chosen for a set-up in which we have three 43” displays in a portrait orientation. Each display is divided in two parts; thus creating 6 fields in which information can pre presented. The slim design console underlines the minimalistic spece requirementens of the console. This allows for a very modern wheehouse design, but the displays will also fit into a more traditional console.

For controls we have chosen to integrate everything in a very comfortable pilot chair. From the seat propulsion and steering controls neatly integrated. The familiar TITAN 550 autopilot control is on the right-hand side, and the engine control panel TITAN 1100 is on the opposing side.

Titan 550


Titan 1100

titan 1000XL

The groundbreaking innovation for inland shipping is in the two TITAN 1000 XL touch-screen units, and the application they are running. We have integrated these in the armrests of the seat. These are the control of the vessel, and the presentation of information displayed on the three 43” screens.


Titan 1000 XL



On the touchscreens in the armrest the user can select a display configuration as per operating mode. When sailing Radar and ECDIS can be presented in a predominant way, and when docking for instance, additional camera feeds may be presented.


  • Adjust range and alarm settings for the echo-sounder
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Navigation lighting
  • Various pumps
  • Blue sign
  • Mast and wheelhouse
  • Spud poles
  • Other…


Radio Zeeland Integrated Communication System allows for remote control via touch screen of the existing communication equipment:

  • VHF 1-2-3;
  • Intercom system
  • Voice over IP Telephone system

With the double configuration monitoring one channel while talking on the other is no problem.


Alarm system:

By communicating over protocol we can integrate virtually any alarm system provided by third party, and present it in a matching fashion.



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